Faculty: Literature

Michael Sloyka, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University
Scott Wilkins, M.A., State University of New York, Brockport

Faculty: History

Monique Baxter, M.A., University of Texas – Pan American
Kelly Chaves, Ph.D., 
University of New Brunswick
Michelle McCargish, Ph.D., 
Oklahoma State University

Humanities Curriculum

Humanities are a core part of OSSM’s curriculum. All students are required to complete two units of humanities courses in both their junior and senior years.

In addition to its core courses, the Humanities Department frequently offers various elective courses—including the History of Medicine, Native American History, Science Fiction, and US Foreign Policy—as well as directed studies on topics of student interest.

Two fine arts credits are required for graduation.

American Literature | One semester (1/2 unit of credit)

This course examines major developments in American literature from before the nation’s founding to the mid-20th century.  While the course’s primary goal is to develop a familiarity with (and understanding of) major issues and movements in American literary history, it is also intended to help students develop critical reading, thinking and writing skills important both in literary studies and in everyday engagement with the cultural texts that shape our world.

World Literature | One semester (1/2 unit of credit)

World Literature is a senior-level course that introduces students to representative works of world literature from the eighth century BCE to roughly the sixteenth century CE. Primary readings are drawn from European, Indian, and Chinese literary traditions and are supplemented with relevant historical and scholarly texts.   

Principles of English Composition | One semester (1/2 unit of credit)

This course prepares students for a variety of writing tasks encountered in college and in the workplace.  Emphasis is placed on developing critical thinking skills, applying rhetorical strategies, and utilizing techniques for effective and efficient communication.

Prerequisites: Required of all seniors.

American History | Two semesters (1 unit of credit)

A survey of the political and social forces that have determined the course of this nation since the pre-Columbian era.  Attention will be given to analytical skills and to effective writing in history.

History of the Western Tradition | Two semesters (1 unit of credit)

This course focuses on the historical development of culture, society, government, and thought in Europe and the Mediterranean from the dawn of civilization in 3500 B.C. to the present.  Reading from both primary and secondary sources, students are required to analytically consider the Western past through discussion and writing.

Prerequisites: Required of all seniors.

Modern East Asian History | One semester (1/2 unit of credit)

This is an introductory survey course that delves into the roles and contributions of major East Asian nations from the formation of the modern world to our era today. The course primarily examines the histories of China, Japan, North, and South Korea, emphasizing social, intellectual, cultural, and political aspects of each. Emphasis on the development of writing and critical thinking skills used in the study of history, as well as in preparation for college entrance exams and application essays is a major component of this course.

Prerequisites: American History

History of the Modern Middle East | One semester (1/2 unit of credit)

History of the Modern Middle East is an introductory survey course in which students examine the political, social, economic, and cultural history of the Middle East. As a modern history course, students begin their studies with the establishment and spread of Islam in the 7th century of the Common Era and continue through to the late 20th century.  Current events today, as well as the development of writing and critical thinking skills are also important aspects of this course.

Ethics in STEM | One semester (1/2 unit of credit)

Ethics in STEM is a senior-level, STEM-oriented introduction to ethics course. In the first half of the class, we examine different, historically influential accounts of well-being, right action, duty, and virtue, drawing on both Western and Non-western traditions. In the second half of the course, we apply those ideas to issues at the intersection of ethics, science, and technology. 

Foreign Languages | Languages Two years of the same foreign language required for graduation (1/2 unit of credit)

Languages offered include Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin and Spanish.  Students entering OSSM may receive credit for previous work completed in a foreign language.  However, if the foreign language requirement has been completed at the student’s home school, an additional two elective units are required while in residence at OSSM in courses of the student’s choice.

Fine Arts | Two semesters (1 unit of credit)

Students must enroll in a Fine Arts class for one or more semesters each year as required for graduation.  Classes are pre-arranged and include specialized areas of art, music, theatre, photography and dance.