OSSM Virtual Center

The OSSM Virtual Program offers an inviting curriculum to meet the academic goals of any student. Instructors are eager to find what interests you and provide specific insight on how to make your education challenging, rewarding, and enjoyable. For rural students like myself, the Virtual Program perfectly balances the rigor of OSSM with the ability to engage in your everyday extracurriculars. Their support has allowed me to immerse myself in higher-level STEM material and connect my learning to principles outside of STEM, such as economics. In my experience, the opportunities opened up by this program and their ease of access remain unparalleled for students across the state. I cannot recommend this program–and its faculty–highly enough!”
— Wyatt Jensen
Wyatt is a National Merit Scholar and a national public speaking finalist in both FFA and HOSA. Throughout his work in the OSSM Virtual Program, he has completed courses in calculus, physics, chemistry, and economics. His studies in the program have also led to accolades on the national level for his research with the USDA in soil carbon sequestration. He will be attending Harvard University for the Undergraduate Class of 2027, and he plans to concentrate in Molecular & Cellular Biology.

OSSM’s Virtual Program seeks to provide the same challenging science and math coursework offered at the residential campus to students across the state of Oklahoma, enabling them to continue their lives at their home high school, while greatly expanding academic opportunities. The OSSM Virtual Program is designed specifically for students who have exhausted their science and math options at their current high school and seek more challenging coursework.

Students may also take a single class. 


The goal of OSSM’s Virtual Program is to provide a one- to three-year program of added educational opportunities and challenges for gifted rural students. The curriculum provides a complementary and accelerated program to expand students’ current and previous local high school courses in math and science. Advanced studies are targeted to encourage individual differences, competencies and expectations. 
In addition to the coursework at the Virtual Program, students maintain their local high school affiliations and extracurricular activities. To ensure successful course completion, students need the support of family, local high schools and the Virtual Program faculty. 


The Virtual Program is designed to provide a rigorous one- to three-year program of academic instruction for students talented in science and mathematics. Classes are held primarily online with lab days and events scheduled throughout the school year. Students attend the Virtual Program for two to four hours while remaining in their local high school for other academics, electives and extracurricular activities.

For the 2023-24 school year, we currently anticipate offering the following courses:

AP Calculus AB/BC
AP Physics 1
AP Physics 2
AP Physics C: Mechanics
AP Physics C: E&M
AP Statistics 

* Courses are offered depending on instructor availability and student interest; additionally, if courses are offered in 2023-24, students may opt to take one or two classes only.

All courses are year-round starting in August. Students may attend from anywhere they can access the internet and have a computer. Students meet with instructors remotely, either from a classroom, library or even home. Additionally, students will meet with instructors in person (typically at the student’s high school or another centralized location) about once per month to work on labs or other activities.

Students can attend the Virtual Program up to three years by completing all options listed above.

Attendance Policy

One of the most attractive benefits of the Virtual Program is that it allows students to continue to participate in extracurricular activities at their home high schools. While many of the assignments are virtual, students must continue to complete assignments and engage with the coursework, which includes meeting with instructors at dedicated times. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the program or a failing grade.


As with OSSM’s residential program, there are no tuition, fees or book costs for students to participate in the Virtual Program. Students are responsible for costs associated with school supplies and incidental expenses related to their course work. Some of these may be met by the student’s district or other sources (such as district-provided laptop or calculator). 

OSSM’s Regional Centers

In addition to the Virtual Program, OSSM operates five regional centers throughout the state of Oklahoma. These are found in Enid (Autry Tech), Okmulgee (OSU-OKC), Poteau (KTC), Stilwell (ICTC) and Tahlequah (ICTC).

Click here to learn more about OSSM’s Regional Centers.


Contact Jessica Rowe Decker, Virtual Program Instructor by email at Jessica.Decker@ossm.edu or by phone at 405-521.6436 (OSSM receptionist).