Faculty William D. Underwood, Ph.D., University of Tulsa

Exploration Geoscience | One semester (1/2 unit of credit)

Usually offered in the fall semester, this course covers current techniques used in the exploration for oil and gas and economic minerals as well as for near-surface investigations. Techniques covered include seismic, gravity, magnetics and various EM technologies. A term project gives students hands-on experience in collecting, processing and interpreting near-surface geophysical data on the OSSM campus.

Prerequisites:  Exploration Geoscience is open to students who have completed or are currently enrolled in Mechanics or who have the instructor’s permission.

Geoscience Seminar | One semester (1/2 unit of credit)

Usually offered in the spring semester, this class involves discussion of a broad range of geologic topics of interest to the instructor and class. We will examine the science defining the topics and separate it from the emotions surrounding it. A class term project requires students, as teams, to research, evaluate and present a single, coherent position paper on a geologic topic of national and international importance. Past topics have included a U.S. National Energy Policy and an understanding of climate change. An individual term paper on a student’s topic of choice is assigned instead of a final exam.

Prerequisites: Geoscience Seminar requires successful completion of Exploration Geoscience or permission from the instructor.


Oceanography | One semester (1/2 unit of credit)

Students will study the ocean from the formation of Earth to the present. While much of the course will cover physical oceanograpy, life in the oceans will be examined as well. Current, outside sources will be assigned as well as chapters in the text. Students will write term papers instead of a final exam. This class is usually offered in the spring semester.

Prerequisites: None


All geoscience courses are electives, and may not be offered every semester.