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OSSM has helped me grow in more ways than I could have possibly imagined. The faculty, staff and other students are all supporting you and eager to help you succeed. This school is rigorous, challenging, and sometimes you feel like it is too much, but you always come out stronger in the end. OSSM quickly taught me that success is not always being the best or being flawless, but learning from your mistakes and realizing that you are not alone on your journey. OSSM is just what I needed in my life. While there are plenty of days I feel overwhelmed, no one said that becoming the best version of myself was going to be easy.
Genevieve D.
Class of 2022

OSSM Hosts Teacher Workshops

Every June, OSSM hosts two summer institutes for middle school teachers: The Sarkeys Foundation Summer Math Institute and the OSSM Summer Science Institute . These five-day learning

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MS Math Contest Tests

2024 OSSM Middle School Math Contest Tests and Tests with Answers 6th Grade Test A 6th Grade Test A with Answers 6th Grade Test B

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OSSM Offers Free Summer Programs

Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics Offers Free Summer Programs  for Middle and High School Students  Classes Prepare Students for Upcoming School Year, Minimize Learning Loss 

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