Service Hours

Community and Campus Service

OSSM expects students to recognize and appreciate the extraordinary opportunities provided them by the people of Oklahoma. In particular, students should express gratitude to their communities and state through service and a spirit of volunteerism.

Service Requirements for Graduation

Each student must complete sixty (60) hours of community service to Oklahoma-based community service organizations.

Each student must complete sixty (60) hours of school service to the OSSM campus.

Service to one’s family (babysitting a sibling or cutting grandmother’s grass), religious proselytizing or ceremonial rites, service to for-profit institutions, and time spent on personal care (eating, sleeping, bathing) do not count toward the graduation requirements.

Travel time and time spent training for service generally does not count toward the service requirement for graduation.

Service must be performed and documented between June 1 of the year the student is admitted to OSSM and six weeks prior to the student’s graduation.

OSSM encourages students to perform community service in their hometowns and to pursue service opportunities that complement their studies and career ambitions. The Residence Hall Coordinator coordinates community and campus service programs. Students who complete significantly more than the minimum requirements may become eligible for the President’s Volunteer Service Award.