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Study Tips

Be honest with yourself about what you know and what you do not really know. As Dr. Roberts (a former chemistry professor at OSSM) often said, “Familiarity is not understanding.” A careful review of your courses’ syllabi can assist in being honest with yourself.

Every day, devote at least one for four hours on your OSSM academics. Such devotion leaves at least 20 hours for family, friends, helping others (family or community service), sleeping, eating, recreation/exercise, etc.

Develop and follow a daily/weekly plan for your OSSM academics. The plan should feature 1) starting learning/study sessions with your least favorite subject 2) using old quiz/test/homework assignments…especially those with poorer results 3) bringing equations alive by verbalizing what all the letters/symbols stand for and/or sketching some results from “plugging and chugging” numbers into the equations.