Ruibo Li, Ph.D., (Chemistry), University of Oklahoma
Delwar Hossain, Ph.D., Chemistry, Mississippi State University (Appointed 2018)
David Kighuradze, Ph. D., Oklahoma State University
A.K. Fazlur Rahman, Ph.D., Research School of Chemistry,  The Australian National University

General Chemistry I | One semester (1/2 unit of credit)

First of a two-semester sequence in General Chemistry.  Topics presented will include basic measurements, atomic structure, periodic table, nomenclature, stoichiometry, atomic theory, electron configuration, ionization energies, bond enthalpy calculations, Lewis Structures, resonance, valence shell electron pair repulsion theory, valence bond theory, molecular orbital theory, gas laws, structure and properties of solids, liquids and solution.  Laboratory is included.

Prerequisites:  Algebra I and Algebra II.  Separate sections are provided for those students who have completed a year of Chemistry prior to their arrival at OSSM.

General Chemistry II | One semester (1/2 unit of credit)

Second part of the two-semester sequence in General Chemistry.  Topics presented will include thermochemistry, thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, chemical equilibrium, Le-Chatelier Principle, acid and base properties, acid base equilibria and liquid-solid equilibria, electrochemistry and coordination complexes. Laboratory is included.

Prerequisites: General Chemistry I or by permission of the instructor.

Organic Chemistry I | One semester (1/2 unit of credit)

This course is designed as an introduction to basic organic chemistry and focuses on an understanding of the structure and reactivity of organic molecules.  Topics presented will include bonding theory, stereochemistry, conformation, chemistry of alkenes, alkynes, alcohols, ethers and carbonyl groups, synthetic transformations involving Grignard reactions, oxidation and reduction, Diels-Alder reaction and alkylation reactions.  Laboratory is included.

Prerequisites: General Chemistry II or by permission of the instructor.

Organic Chemistry II | One semester (1/2 unit of credit)

This course will present advanced topics of Organic Chemistry including an introduction to the chemistry of aromatic compounds and emphasize the mechanism of the relationships between structure and reactivity.  Students will be introduced to spectroscopic identification of organic compounds using IR, NMR and mass spectroscopy.  Special topics may include carbohydrates, heterocyclic compounds, pericyclic reactions, drug discovery and design.

Prerequisites: Organic Chemistry I

Chemical Equilibrium | One semester (1/2 unit of credit)

This course provides an introduction to the concepts of physical chemistry that relate to chemical equilibrium and examines this field of chemistry from the perspectives of chemical kinetics, classical thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.

Prerequisites: General Chemistry II, Electricity and Magnetism, Multivariate Calculus. By permission of the instructor.  Spring semester only.

Biochemistry | One semester (1/2 unit of credit)

This elective course provides a detailed study of biological molecules including their structure, properties, nomenclature and function.  The course will also investigate the role these molecules have in metabolic reactions, equilibria and other biological processes.  Laboratory investigations will emphasize methods of separating and identifying biomolecules and their components.

Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment in Organic Chemistry or by permission of the instructor.  Student may opt to take this course for either Biology or Chemistry credit.  It is intended as the first of a two-course sequence that concludes with Molecular and Cellular Biology.  Fall semester only.

Chemistry Olympiad Prep/Directed Study | One semester (1/4 unit of credit)

his course is designed to give students the necessary background and advanced standing in chemistry so that they can successfully compete on the U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad exams given in the spring of each year.  Students are selected based on outstanding academic record during their junior year.

Prerequisites: Enrollment in Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry and Chemical Equilibrium. By invitation of the instructor.

Directed Study | One semester (1/2 unit of credit)

This course is designed to allow students to pursue individual research interests in chemistry.  Work will be performed under  the supervision of a faculty member and a final oral presentation may be required.  By permission of the Instructor.


Mentorship | One semester (1/4 unit of credit)

The student will collaborate with a scientists in a research project.  The scope of the project will be agreed upon in advance and the student’s progress will be monitored closely by a faculty member in consultation with the research scientist.  A final report and/or an oral presentation will be required.  By permission of the Mentorship coordinator.