Dr. A.K. Fazlur Rahman

Dr. A.K. Fazlur Rahman earned his Ph.D. in Organometallic Chemistry from The Australian National University. At OSSM, he teaches ACS standard college General Chemistry I, II and Organic Chemistry I, II. In addition to teaching he coaches the National Science Bowl, Chemistry Olympiad and TEAM+S competitions. Dr. Rahman provides research mentorships in Organometallic Chemistry to pre-med and pre-engineering students.

Dr. Rahman is the recipient of the Oklahoma Chemist Award (2015), Southwest Regional ACS Teaching award (2009), Sigma Xi teaching Award (2005) and N.S.F Research Award (2009, 2015) and the United States Department of Energy Fellowships (1995). 

In addition to OSSM, Dr. Rahman has taught Organic Chemistry as an adjunct professor at the University of Oklahoma and at the University of Central Oklahoma for decades. Dr. Rahman availed visiting research opportunities at Texas A&M, Cal Tech, University of Rochester, University of California at Berkeley, Free University at Berlin and Friedrich Schiller University at Jena, Germany.