Parent Association (PAOSSM)

The Parent Association is a representative body of both junior and senior parents — it is the OSSM version of a PTSA. The Parent Association is excited to support school activities by organizing volunteer service opportunities for parents and by acting as a collective voice for parents’ interests. All OSSM parents are welcome and encouraged to join.

We’ve got a slate of gatherings throughout the year when we rely on parent support — to volunteer to help.

The Parents Association of OSSM (PAOSSM) supports the school’s academic program with cultural enrichment, social opportunities, and delicious exam treats. This year, they are sponsoring trips to an Oklahoma State University Executive Management Briefing, Broadway play, and classical music performance. Social highlights include a family-oriented International Night, elegant Winter Formal, and highly-anticipated Prom. PAOSSM also provides lots of additional snacks and treats for students and supports OSSM outreach and admissions efforts.

PAOSSM is composed of the parents and guardians of current OSSM students. They meet as a group several times during the year, typically on the last evening of extended weekends and breaks. The PAOSSM board meets to conduct organization-related business, and a more general meeting of the organization follows. The general meeting often includes voting items and a guest speaker.

Appreciation Luncheon, First Day, and the Commencement Reception. Important roles include serving as event greeters or guides, math test proctoring, special event planning and logistics, and collecting donations of supplies for special events.

PAOSSM Liaison: Jonathan Triplett, Residence Hall Director

OSSM Merchandise

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Meeting Schedule

To keep our parent body informed and involved, the Parent Association meets three times a year on either the return day of an Extended Weekend (usually a Monday) or on the day of a large campus event where we volunteer! Mark these dates on your calendars as we’d love to have you join us. If you are unable to attend a meeting, stay up to date by clicking on the date for the meeting minutes.


International Night – Pot Luck Dinner and showcase of OSSM Cultures (September)

Flag Football Tailgate in Conjunction with GAPP Student Visit and Alumni Reunion and Year Book Distribution (October)

Monthly All School Fine Arts Performances

Off-Campus Cultural Performance – Each semester (Little Mermaid / Bela Fleck)

Annual Thunder Basketball Game

Winter Dance during Beijing HS#4 visit (Chinese New Year)

Quantum Experience and Day after Program

Sneak Peek Saturday for 8th and 9th Grade Students

Prom and after Prom

Welcome Class 2023

Planners for the Junior Class

Food Truck Surprise on Campus each Semester

2022-23 PAOSSM Executive Committee


Mark Wang

Vice President

Sandhya Ramakrishnan


Gloria Hart


Tina Ryan

OSSM Staff Liaison

Jonathan Triplett
Residence Hall Director

PAOSSM is a 501(c)3 Non-profit. It is funded by tax deductible donations and through the sales of OSSM memorabilia