Bill Kuehl, Dean of Admissions

Welcome to the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics!

Admissions Staff

For more information we welcome you to contact Bill Kuehl, dean of admissions and registrar, at or  405.522.7802.

Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics is a public, residential high school committed to helping you make the most of your future—in the classroom, in the lab, on our campus in Oklahoma City, and wherever you go after graduation.

Founded in 1989 by the Oklahoma legislature, the school is well known for its strong science, mathematics, and mentorship and internship programs. OSSM has the distinction of being Oklahoma’s most prestigious and rigorous high school. Today it ranks as the leading public and STEM high school in the state of Oklahoma and one of the nation’s top STEM high schools (#20 of 19,984).

OSSM has defined the best education that can be had as a residential STEM high school. We bring students together to this 32-acre campus, place them in community with one another, and open to them an exceptional faculty and most rigorous high school curriculum in Oklahoma. We do this not to prepare them for any particular occupation but rather to provide them with the base of knowledge, the skills, proficiency and the experiences, to enable them to flourish in whatever future awaits them.

As you learn more about OSSM, discover the details and features that are important to you by exploring this website. For more information, please contact Bill Kuehl, dean of admission and registrar, at 405-522-7802 or