Office of the President

                                                                                                    Edna McDuffie Manning, Ed.D.

Although OSSM opened to students in 1990, Edna McDuffie Manning, Ed.D., was hired as its founding president in 1988. She began her journey with OSSM in a small office located in the Department of Education. From there, she created the framework for what would become Oklahoma’s leading STEM and public high school.

During Dr. Manning’s tenure (1988-2012), she oversaw the selection of the inaugural faculty and the development of its college-level curriculum. She also worked to secure funding for the development of the campus.

Prior to OSSM, she served as an administrator in both Texas and Oklahoma schools.

With more than 50 years in education, Dr. Manning was inducted into the Oklahoma Educators Hall of Fame in 2007. The nonprofit organization honors professionals who exemplify a commitment of quality public-supported education while demonstrating exceptional abilities in realizing the ideals of research, service, or leadership. 

A native of Texas, Dr. Manning studied mathematics and earned her doctorate at the University of Houston. Working with Alpha Plus Educational Systems in Oklahoma City, in 2016 she edited a unique math textbook, Success with OAS, to help Oklahoma educators teach Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) to mastery.