Professor Scott Wilkins

Professor Scott Wilkins is an English Ph.D. candidate at Binghamton University, a SUNY flagship institution in New York. Prior to enrolling at Binghamton, he was coursework-complete in the now defunct English Ph.D. program at Drew University. He holds an MA in English from SUNY Brockport and a BA from Houghton College. His prolonged academic journey has afforded him the ability to become both an English Generalist and a specialist in American Literature. Professor Wilkins’ specialist subjects include Nineteenth-Century American Literature, Literary Theory, Film Analysis, and Rhetoric & Composition. Professor Wilkins is currently in the dissertation phase of his doctoral program, actively researching the impact of the Utopian movement on Nineteenth-Century New England intellectuals.

At OSSM, Professor Wilkins teaches American Literature I and II to all juniors as well as senior-level elective courses, directed studies, and mentorships in the Humanities department.