The results of the ACT tests were released this week to educational districts and schools. OSSM’s Class of 2019 raised the school’s composite confirming the hard work of OSSM faculty and staff in preparing students for college.

“Hats off to the hard working and expert faculty at OSSM,” said Jan Neufeld, VP of Academic Services. “Once again, you have shown how to prepare students to be ready for college.”

The 2019 composite of 32.1 (54 students) is .7 higher than the composite of last year, 31.4 (65 students). The previous high of 32 occurred in 2014 (64 students). 

College readiness is a key component of the ACT assessment. It also assesses the rigor and alignment of OSSM courses to ensure readiness to college-level work are taught, reaffirmed, and articulated across courses (ACT, 2019).