Michelle McCargish, Ph.D., has been named 2019 Oklahoma National History Day Teacher of the Year, an award sponsored by the Oklahoma Historical Society and Sonic America’s Drive-In.

The History Teacher of the Year Award is given to the teacher who best exemplifies the mission of the Oklahoma National History Day (OkNHD) by using a social studies mindset to create students who think critically. Chosen by the OkNHD team, the prize is based upon teachers’ passion, work ethic and drive to help their students succeed using its curriculum.

“This award enables us to recognize great history teachers. Michelle was selected for her dedication to her students and the creativity she brings to the classroom with history and social studies content,” said Sarah Dumas, director of education and OkNHD state coordinator.

Dr. McCargish, who holds a Master’s in American History with an emphasis on the Gilded Age and Progressive Era from Oklahoma State University, also completed her doctorate in 19th Century American History. Before joining OSSM, Michelle taught in higher education in both face-to-face and online classrooms. At OSSM, Dr. McCargish teaches American History as well as elective seminars, including History of Medicine, Modern World Politics and other special topics.