OSSM is the leading public high school in Oklahoma. It is led by a Board of Trustees that consists of 17 members (two of them OSSM alums) who are appointed by various legislative offices. Because of this, the Governing Board is non-partisan and includes representatives of higher education as well as common education leadership in Oklahoma.

The OSSM Foundation Board, made up of  54 members, serves the school in a support function. Members are invited to serve based on various resources they bring to OSSM, whether those be personal, corporate, or special talents, experience or influence. Its role is to advocate for OSSM with legislators and with business, government and community leaders, and to help secure resources to provide for OSSM faculty and programs beyond the limits of state funding.  This is largely done via the OSSM Annual Appeal, the annual Quantum Experience gala in the spring, and continuous grant writing.

Several Foundation Trustees are also parents of OSSM graduates, and many have supported the school for years. Four current Foundation Trustees are OSSM alums. 

Regardless of Board affiliation, all trustees love the school and its students and work to ensure the opportunity for transformational academic challenge continues to be available for your students and the students who follow.