A Special Note from OSSM President Dr. Wang

Dear Supporters and Friends of OSSM:


Please join me in thanking those OSSM employees who are veterans for their service to our county.



Sam Abbott, Poteau Regional Center Instructor, US Army

Pam Felactu, OSSM Director of Development, US Army

Keith Forshee, OSSM Maintenance Department, US Army and National Guard

Sean Jones, OSSM Professor of Computer Science, US Navy



Just a few months ago, Mr. Larry King, a technician in OSSM’s IT Department, retired from OSSM just shy of his 82nd birthday.  He had served in the US Marine Corps and was fond of wearing a leather jacket emblazoned with a large Marine Corps emblem. 


I am proud to say that OSSM has a long tradition of sending students to Service Academies as well as alumni who have gone on to serve in the US Armed Forces.  In fact, just a few months ago, I received a nice letter from one of the first students I graduated, John Kreidler, OSSM Class of 2014 who has now graduated from West Point and is serving in the US Army.



At Convocation and at Commencement, I personally remind students to find ways of serving and giving back to their communities, state and country.  To all those veterans among the ranks of our supporters, thank you for your service.



Gratefully yours,


Frank Wang