“Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity of my shadowing today… I had a wonderful time and have made many new friends; I truly cannot wait to attend OSSM.”

– Prospective Member of OSSM Class of 2024

Ready to schedule your shadow? Contact Jamie Bond and Jamie.Bond@ossm.edu or register here.

Student Shadow Experience

High school sophomores are encouraged to spend a day on campus “to shadow” an OSSM junior prior to applying.  Prospective students will spend the day attending classes at OSSM. Students will eat lunch with their student host and see a room in the residence hall.

Shadows are scheduled Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, during the months of September – November and January – April on days when classes are in session. For more information please contact Jamie Bond at Jamie.Bond@ossm.edu or call 405.522.7802.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What takes place during a shadow visit? Shadow visits allow 9th &10th grade high school students to experience a day in the life of an OSSM student. Shadow visitors will have a chance to explore the campus, attend classes and lunch, and learn more about the opportunities OSSM offers.

When can I shadow at OSSM? OSSM welcomes shadow visitors on most days during the week, 8 a.m.- 4: p.m., October-April.

How do I schedule a shadow visit? Students wishing to schedule a shadow visit should complete an online request by clicking this SIGN UP LINK. Please note that all visits must be approved and confirmed prior to the shadow visitor’s arrival at OSSM. Once the request has been approved, the Admissions Office will contact the student’s parents to confirm the visit. Please note that OSSM reserves the right to limit the number of shadow students in the building at one time and that requests will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis.

When and where should I arrive for my shadow visit? Shadow visitors should check-in at the library security desk by 7:45 a.m. on the morning of their visit.  Parents and guardians are welcome to accompany their students into the lobby but doing so is not required.  Parents will not accompany students while shadowing. Pick-up will be at the end of the host student school day at the library customer service desk.

What is the attire for a shadow visit? Shadow visitors will receive an overview of the dress code in the confirmation email.

What else do I need to know? Take advantage of your visit day. Ask as many questions as possible of our students, faculty, and staff that you can think of. Most importantly, know that we are happy to welcome you to OSSM!

Tips for Making the Most of Your Visit

The Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics is a nationally-recognized residential community where there are few boundaries between living and learning, and almost no limit to what you can do.  The close connections that develop between OSSM students, faculty and staff lead to deeper understanding and appreciation of differing viewpoints and help foster a climate of mutual respect.

An Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics education is an uncommon journey that will prepare you for college, ready for the challenges ahead.  A visit to Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics allows you to explore our academic programs, experience campus life, and interact with students, teachers, and staff. Throughout the year we offer Sneak Peek for 8th and 9th graders and Preview Day for 10th graders.  We also offer campus toursshadowing with current students, and the opportunity to interview with admissions.  We encourage you to use your campus visit to begin seeing yourself as an “Awesome” OSSM student.

We offer individual visits, group visits, and visit-day programs.  A little advance preparation can make your visit much more productive and enjoyable and help you see all that Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics has to offer.

Getting the most from your visit:

  • Think about what you would like to know: Ask about the academic subjects and extracurricular activities that interest you today, but also check out a few new things you might want to explore later. Talk to our students. It isn’t enough to know if a school offers a particular program or activity. You want to know what it’s like to study that subject or do that activity here.
  • Explore campus life: You won’t be spending all of your time in the classroom. Visit the library, residence halls, cafeteria, gymnasium and the OSSM Commons.
  • Allow plenty of time: You’ve traveled here, so why be in a hurry? A good campus visit will take two to three hours, and sometimes more.
  • Do everything you can: If you come during a visit program, we’ll have a range of presentations and discussions that address the general questions most people ask. We’ll also have extensive campus tours to help you see the places where you’ll live and learn.
  • Be “AWESOME” at OSSM: Meet our teachers.  Sample our campus food service. Walk the 32 acre campus. Sit in on classes.  And look at a residence hall room.