OSSM Students at Science Museum Sculpture Unveiling

by Anusha F.

Dr. Wang, accompanied by OSSM students, was invited by Science Museum Oklahoma for the unveiling of ‘Finity,’ a reflective geometric sculpture created by artist Tom Shannon. The sculpture was created in memory of philanthropist John Kirkpatrick. 

When asked the inspiration behind the geometric construction, Shannon said, “It’s a sculpture made of shapes that have existed throughout eternity, and that’s what makes it special.”

Because of Finity’s size, the sculpture’s big unveiling came when it was revealed the sculpture could move by Christian Keesee, Kilpatrick’s grandson. Senior Kai Virani almost came close to ruining the whole surprise. “I was talking to Tom Shannon, and he told me to go ahead and push it, so I almost became the first person to push the sculpture and make it slide,” she said with a laugh.

Junior Thrisha Duggisetty described the event as a “unique experience.” She found it “really interesting to learn about the history of the sculpture and the artist behind it.”