OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — (May 25, 2021)- The Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics (OSSM) announced today that Anusha Fathepurea rising seniorwon 2021 National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Certificate of Superior Writing. She is among 136 other student writers from across the nation. 

A resident of Stillwater, Okla., Anusha dreams of being a journalist and came to OSSM to be a well-rounded student, knowing its college-level humanities classes would challenge and inspire her. 

“I came to OSSM because I wanted to advance and push myself in my studies,” said Anusha. “Although it’s a STEM school, I was very interested in the humanities department. As someone who, in the future, wishes to major in the humanities, I knew OSSM’s humanities classes would push me to work harder than ever before and excel in my future.” 

To be considered, students must be nominated and endorsed by a faculty member. Anusha was nominated by Professor Scott Wilkins, OSSM professor of humanities, earlier this year. Each student then submits two pieces of writing, and two independent judges score each submission on expression of ideas, language use, and unique perspective and voice. 

“The NCTE is a very respected organization among English and Literature faculty and to meet their high standards for this writing award is an achievement,” said Professor Wilkins. “Anusha’s application portfolio included some pieces that were personal, yet powerfully expressed as well as some first rate literary analysis. She showcased her ability to write in several genres and should be proud of this accolade.” 

The NCTE Achievement Awards in Writing is a school-based writing program established in 1957 to encourage high school students to write and to recognize some of the best student writers in the nation. Only students who are high school juniors may participate. Schools in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, American schools abroad, and the Virgin Islands are eligible to nominate students for the writing program. 
About OSSM 

Nationally ranked as a top public high school in the United States, OSSM provides a college-level, academically advanced curriculum in science and mathematics to juniors and seniors across the state. Created through legislative action in 1983, the two-year residential public high school serves all Oklahoma schools and students through statewide math contests, day workshops for students, residential summer academies for studentsteacher professional development workshops, and outreach activities for students of varying ages.  


In addition to its residential program, OSSM has six regional locations as well as a virtual program, through which students participate in a one- to three-year scholastic program while maintaining their local high school affiliation. These locations include Enid, Okmulgee, Poteau, Stilwell, Tahlequah and Wayne. 


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