The Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics (OSSM) announced today the successful opening of its 2021-22 school year with 120 students enrolled for in-person classes on the 32-acre campus. It began Sunday with Convocation, at which Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt encouraged the students to pursue their dreams. Students then picked up their textbooks and returned to the Residence Hall to begin their first night’s assignments. Earlier that weekend, students moved into their rooms where they will live for the academic year. 

“OSSM is said to have the most rigorous curriculum of its kind in the nation,” said Frank Wang, Ph.D., president of OSSM. “Our students come from the entire state for our world class faculty and academic program, which prepares students for college, graduate school, and careers in STEM. We are proud that through their work and companies they found, OSSM graduates help fuel Oklahoma’s economic engine.”

“Coming out of COVID and finally having a real OSSM experience is exciting and certainly a little strange,” said Anusha Fathepure, a senior at OSSM. “I’m excited to meet all the juniors and make my last year in high school really count before heading off into the real world.”

The Class of 2023 consists of 62 new students. The male/female ratio is split evenly with 31 males and 31 females coming from 16 counties and 19 cities. They also represent 34 different high schools throughout the state.