As the leader in STEM education in Oklahoma, OSSM is leading the charge to help all students continue their math education remotely. To assist students and parents throughout the state, President Frank Wang, Ph.D., is creating an online curriculum for any Oklahoma student to use. His goal is to create interesting and fun ways to teach the math behind the study of epidemics. 

Dr. Wang will begin with the concept of fractions and continue with the study of functions and exponential functions. He will then introduce in an intuitive way concepts from calculus and culminate with describing the differential equations epidemiologists use to model the growth and spread of a virus.

“This crisis presents us with a teaching moment for our students,” said Dr. Wang. “OSSM will provide resources for all students in the state of Oklahoma who want to learn more about COVID-19 and its growth and spread. What will be unique is that we will give the to students the actual mathematical models that epidemiologists use and let them put in their own inputs like incubation time, mortality rate, etc. and see, for example, how limiting the number of contacts a person has can reduce the growth of the virus.” 

KFOR came to campus on Tuesday for a personal lesson and featured OSSM and Dr. Wang on its newscast. To watch the news segment, click here.  Presently, the resources mentioned can be accessed at the public Facebook site “Teaching Resources and Videos about Epidemics.”