OSSM is an amazing institution with unmatched academics as well as faculty and staff that only want the very best for each and every student. Overall, OSSM has pushed me to do my best both in academics and in my everyday endeavors. The relationships I have made here are definitely going to last my whole life and I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience of attending this amazing school. 

Jess M.

Fast Facts

Median Class

Student to Faculty Ratio

Number of Graduates

Percentage of Professors with Ph.D.s

Lab sizes are capped at 16

OSSM is located on a 32-acre campus  

Since enrolling our first class in 1990, OSSM has had students attend from all 77 Oklahoma counties

Students who enroll at OSSM and are residents of Oklahoma pay nothing for tuition, fees and room and board

OSSM offers course offerings in Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Engineering, Computer Science, Chemistry, Humanities, Fine Arts and Physical Education

OSSM has more than 65 different course offerings.  Additionally, more than 60 percent of OSSM students participate in independent research, receiving hands-on experience in their field of interest outside  

100 percent of OSSM graduates go on to colleges and universities all over the United States and international

Average student SAT Math score is 663.4 – US average is 514 – OSSM Class of 2018 average is 705

Average student SAT Verbal score is 639 – US average is 496 – OSSM Class of 2018 average is 674

Average student ACT score is 29 – US average is 21 – OSSM Class of 2018 average is 31

Although OSSM does not offer AP courses, 74 percent of the students who took AP Exams received scores of 3 or higher

OSSM has sent more National Merit Scholars to the University of Oklahoma than any other high school in the country