Math Counts Workshop

For rising 6th through 8th graders who are interested in competitive problem-solving, OSSM will host a mock Math Counts competition (Sprint Round, Target Round and Team Round), culminating in an exciting and nail-biting Countdown Round as students compete head-to-head to solve math problems with a buzzer system.  The instructor is Dr. Frank Wang (PhD in pure math from MIT), math textbook author, former Oklahoma School of Science and Math president, and a Math Counts coach who has coached competitive teams in Oklahoma and Texas.
He will share tricks and knowledge not covered in the standard math curriculum, such as Pick’s theorem, the Euler phi function, the theory of congruences, Ceva’s theorem, etc. He will even show how it is possible to find the Greatest Common Factor of two positive integers without knowing the prime factorization of either!  Attendance is limited as students need to fit into one classroom.

The event is finished.


Aug 09 2022


9:00 am - 2:30 pm
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