Dr. Kurt Bachmann

Dr. Kurt Bachmann joined the OSSM physics faculty in 2000 and has taught all OSSM physics classes during his 18 years. His physics degrees include a PhD and two masters degrees from Columbia University and a BS from Caltech. He held postdoctoral positions in solar astronomy at the High Altitude Observatory in Boulder, CO and the National Solar Observatory in Tucson, AZ, and he taught physics at two colleges in Pennsylvania and Alabama with the rank of assistant professor.

Dr. Bachmann’s postdoctoral research publications describe his work in solar acoustic oscillations, solar convection, and solar activity. His graduate-student thesis and a multitude of research papers describe results from a high-energy neutrino experiment at Fermi National Laboratory near Chicago. He published one research paper involving computer analysis of solar activity indicators with three OSSM students.

When he is not teaching or doing research, Dr. Bachmann enjoys playing piano, hiking, and church activities.