Academic Departments


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Theodore Mathuram, Ph.D., (Biotechnology), University of Madras, India
Brent Richards, Ph.D.,
 (Neuroscience), Georgetown University
Amy Roberson, Ph.D., (Cell Biology), University of Oklahoma Health Science Center
Janette Wallis, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma


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Ruibo Li, Ph.D., (Chemistry), University of Oklahoma
Dr. Delwar Hossain, Ph.D., Chemistry, Mississippi State University (Appointed 2018)
A.K. Fazlur Rahman, Ph.D., Research School of Chemistry,  The Australian National University

Computer Science

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Manisha Chakraburtty, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma
Sean Jones, M.S., University of Oklahoma

Foreign Language

Every student must complete two years of the same foreign language in order to graduate. Prior credits may be transferred from the students home high school, but most students decide to continue their studies.  The languages currently being offered are French, Spanish, Latin, German, Japanese, and Chinese.


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William D. Underwood, Ph.D., University of Tulsa

Humanities - History

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Monique Baxter, M.A., University of Texas – Pan American
Kelly Chaves, Ph.D., 
University of Melbourne
Michelle McCargish, Ph.D., 
Oklahoma State University

Humanities - Literature

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Michael Sloyka, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University
Scott Wilkins, M.A., State University of New York, Brockport


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Sara Marie Bodenstein, MDiv., Duke University
Clint Givens, Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles
David Kighuradze, Ph.D., 
Oklahoma State University
Frank Wang, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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Shayne Johnston, Ph.D., Princeton University
William Underwood, Ph.D., University of Tulsa


Faculty | Course Listings

Dan Vossen, B.A., University of Central Oklahoma