Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics


The Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics is located on a 32-acre campus in Oklahoma City, just south of the Oklahoma State Capitol and across from the medical and research facilities of the Oklahoma Health Center.   

Classes for 144 junior and senior students are held in the Manning Academic Center, formerly Lincoln Elementary, and students live in the Dan Little Residence Hall.  A fully-equipped gymnasium, the Samson Science and Discovery Center with physics and chemistry research laboratories, as well as the Sen. Bernice Shedrick Library are also located on the school’s campus.

The Manning Academic Center contains 19 classrooms, six labs, computer room, student lounge, auditorium and student reading room.  The glass-enclosed atrium is used for office space and student study. 

The Dan Little Residence Hall has more than 62,000 feet of living space for students and faculty families.  The Great Hall located on the ground floor has the capacity to seat 500 people and serves as the dining room and study area for students.  The basement provides a space for relaxation with billiard and game tables, as well as serves as a storm shelter.   An addition to the residence hall is scheduled for completion in December 2011, and will be a mirror image of the current two towers, providing 48 new dorm rooms and four additional faculty apartments.

The OSSM Gymnasium provides equipment for weight training and exercise and also houses volleyball and basketball courts, a weight room, dance/aerobic areas, locker rooms and showers. 

The Samson Science and Discovery Center is named in honor of the Tulsa-based Samson Investment Co.  The center houses four physics labs, three chemistry labs, a dark room, four preparation rooms, 16 faculty offices, a demonstration lab, eight individual labs and a computer lab, which provides accommodation for students to participate in ongoing research and hands-on learning. 

The Sen. Bernice Shedrick Library is the focal point of the OSSM campus and the first building that visitors see when they enter the main gate.  Students use the library as a quiet and visually inviting atmosphere in which to study.  The library features a boardroom and adjoining kitchenette, conference room, 14 administrative offices, media production room, classroom, campus computer center, security office and space for 50,000 volumes of books and texts.  Occasionally, the library accommodates students and parents during special events, as well as allows community groups and businesses to gather for meetings and presentations.   



Is OSSM a private school?

No, the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics is a two-year public residential high school created and funded by the Oklahoma legislature.  The school is open to all students across the state who wish to apply during their sophomore year.  OSSM is categorized as a state agency.  See the Admissions webpage for details and application deadlines. 

What is the tuition to attend OSSM?

There is no tuition for an Oklahoma resident student to attend the school.  Room and board are provided by the state.  Students may wish to have "pocket money" available for incidentals like school supplies, snack bar items or a weekend trip to a local restaurant, movie theatre, bookstore or mall.

Who can attend OSSM?

OSSM is open to all Oklahoma students who are entering their junior year of high school.  Applications are due in March of the sophomore year.  OSSM now accepts nonresident and international students for paying tuition.

What high school is the only one in Oklahoma that teaches Geoscience courses?


How have OSSM graduates helped Oklahoma's economy?

Of the 1,400+ OSSM graduates since 1992, more than half who have completed a degree and have entered the workforce are working in Oklahoma. Ten of those have started their own businesses in our state. An independent report credits OSSM with a $40 million economic impact in Oklahoma.