Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring

OSSM employees volunteer peer tutors to assist student in the areas of physics and mathematics.  All peer tutors are recommended by faculty and students who tutor receive credit toward their school service hour requirement.  Individual tutoring in physics is available on Monday and Wednesday evenings; individual tutoring in mathematics is available on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Evening Faculty Support Schedule – Spring 2018

All support times are 8-10pm unless specified otherwise.


Chemistry – Dr. Rahman
Physics – Dr. Johnston


Chemistry – Dr. Hossain
Humanities – Prof. Wilkins (7-9pm)
Humanities – Prof. Baxter
Mathematics – Prof. Bodenstein
Physics – Dr. Bachmann


Humanities – Dr. Chance (7-9)
Biology – Dr. Dell
Computer Science – Prof. Jones (7-9)
Computer Science – Dr. Samadzadeh
Physics – Dr. Ratliff


Biology – Dr. Dell
Chemistry – Dr. R. Li
Humanities – Prof. Chaves (7-9pm)
Mathematics – Dr. Kighuradze (7-9pm)
Physics – Dr. Rudra (7-9pm)


Biology – Dr. M. Li
Biology – Dr. Richards
Biology – Dr. Roberson (7-9pm)
Computer Science – Dr. Chakraburtty
Humanities – Dr. McCargish
Mathematics – Dr. Givens
Physics – Dr. Underwood

(Effective 1/8/2018)