Congratulations on Your Acceptance to OSSM!

Come SOAR with OSSM!

June 2, 2022 2-5 p.m.

Why You Need to Attend SOAR

Your OSSM Experience begins with SOAR.  During SOAR, you and your parents will learn about our academic, fine arts, and mentorship programs, along with our numerous student resources.  SOAR is designed to introduce students and their parents to our academic policies and procedures, and to make you more comfortable with your transition as a student to OSSM.

SOAR provides a wonderful opportunity to meet faculty, staff and students.  It enables us to start the advising process.  We will administer placement tests that will insure that we advise you correctly and get you registered for the right classes.  Students will need to bring a calculator for a portion of the math placement test.

You will have opportunity to meet other students who, like you, will join us this fall.  While you are on campus, we will have you complete a roommate survey – a tool we use to help match your interests and personality so you are placed with the right person to be your roommate.

We will be taking your ID photos at SOAR.

All admitted students are expected to attend the SOAR Experience.  You will be tested, advised, and then we will develop your personalized schedule during the months that follow and you will be registered upon your arrival to campus this fall.

SOAR is just the beginning!  You will have a full orientation during the first few days you are on campus in August.