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OSSM Summer Academy 2019

Summer 2019

Session I – July 14-19 

Session II – July 21-26

For all interested students who love to learn and want to get a small taste of the OSSM experience! If you are currently in the 8th through 11th grade and have a passion for science and math, you are eligible to apply.

The OSSM Summer Academy is a week-long academic summer camp. During the day, students will take exciting, interactive classes with OSSM’s nationally-renowned faculty and visit cultural attractions around Oklahoma City. Evenings will be filled with fun activities led by camp counselors who are recent OSSM alums.

Classes and activities will be held on OSSM campus in Oklahoma City. Housing and food will be provided in the OSSM residence hall, with 24-hour security. Students will have access to the gymnasium, the library, and the computer facilities. Field trips will be prearranged at various attractions around Oklahoma City.

Cost – $975 per week

A limited number of scholarships are available to qualified students.

Summer 2018 Course Offerings are Listed Below         (Summer 2019 Course Offerings Coming Soon)


An Introduction to the Human Body in Health and Disease
Mark Li, DVM

Animal Anatomy and Adaptation
A. Brent Richards, PhD

Deconstructing da Vinci: Genius Machines in the Age of Arduino
John Ice, MD

Introduction to Immunology: How Our Bodies Fend Off Infectious Diseases
Jean Wu

Molecules of Life
Delwar Hossain


Symbolic Representation of Chemistry
Ruibo Li, PhD

What Can Polymers Do for You
Ben Cassidy

Computer Science

Computer Programming Workshop
Farideh Samadzadeh, PhD

Video Game Design and History
Jeff Price


Computer Architecture with Hands-on Digital Electronics
Bill Underwood

Introduction to Microelectronics
Manisha Chakraburtty


ACT Exam Prep: English, Reading, and Writing
Scott Wilkins


American Pulse: Music, Film, & Society
Monique Baxter

Charles Darwin, the Copley Medal, and the Rise of Naturalism – A Historical Immersion Game
Michelle McCargish

A Concise History of Science
Monique Baxter

Strange Medicine: A Cultural History of Healing and Medicine in America
Michelle McCargish


ACT/SAT Math Review
Sara Bodenstein

Calculus – A Gentle and Intuitive Introduction
Frank Wang, PhD


An Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
Caleb Cook

An Introduction to Special Relativity
Caleb Cook


Competitive Research
Sharon Jorski

Career Exploration- What do I want to do for the rest of my life?
Terry Berryman

Creative Problem Solving
Sharon Jorski

Registration Information

Tuition is $975, which includes all meals, field trips, and evening activities.

Financial aid is available.

Click here for the online application

Questions? Contact – Summer-Academy@ossm.edu