Oklahoma Residents

Oklahoma Residents

Students who enroll at OSSM and are residents of Oklahoma, pay nothing for tuition, fees and
room and board.

Proof of Residency

Required documents: Proof of residency shall include, but not limited to, proof of provisions
of utilities (gas, water or electric only); payment of ad valorem taxes; local agreements or
contracts for purchasing/leasing housing; or mortgage. Lease agreements MUST list all
occupants of residence, including children.

The affidavit will become null and void if the student moves from the affidavit address. A new
affidavit must be completed each year prior to enrollment.

Both the parent/legal guardian and other party signing the affidavit must appear in person
and show Oklahoma driver’s licenses and/or state issued Oklahoma IDs that match the
enrollment address in order for the student to enroll. The name of the parent who is enrolling
the student must be on the birth certificate. The guardian must show legal documentation
proving they have the right to enroll the student.