Graduate Profiles

Our graduates are going places, doing great things and contributing to society and the world. As you’ll see, an OSSM education not only helps you prepare for and your future, it helps you shape it.

Read about a few of our successful graduates below:

First in his family to attend college, Dr. Michael Henderson and many of his fellow OSSM alums are hitting home runs in business in Oklahoma and around the country and are looking to bring more business to Oklahoma!

B.S. Global Health, Harvard University, 2011
M.D., Stanford University

Michael Henderson, ‘07 (Dale H.S.), VP of Asset Acquisition, Strategy & Operations for BridgeBio™, a biotech holding company taking a systematic approach to investment and company creation across 7,000 monogenic diseases.

“OSSM was the foundation of [my] success and, frankly, was probably tougher than anything I’ve done since then.  At that age, at 16, you don’t really know how to push yourself and how far you can go, and the faculty and all the staff here. . . They impart a lot of knowledge but they also teach students how to thrive and succeed and that was one of the keys to my success for sure.”

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Tulsa, 1999
J.D. Law, Harvard University, 2006


Matthew Bray ‘95 (Muldrow H.S.), Mechanical Engineer; Attorney

I apply logic learned at OSSM every day on my job.  I doubt I would have pursued Engineering, and had I not I certainly would not be where I am today.  I did come from a good school district and may still have gone into a science or math related field, but OSSM gave me more confidence in those disciplines.  It’s hard to imagine what path I would have taken had I not attended OSSM.  I think the biggest thing I gained from my experience, besides an outstanding education, is confidence in myself and my abilities. ”

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Oklahoma, 1997

Jennifer Davis Lee, ‘93 (Edmond North Mid-High), Mechanical Engineer, Manager of Facility Development, BNSF Railway Co.

B.S. Biochemistry, University of Oklahoma, 2013

M.S. Medical Anthropology, University of Oxford, 2014

M.P.P., University of Oxford, 2015

Mubeen Shakir ‘10 (Oklahoma City, Casady H.S.) , American Rhodes Scholar Class of 2013, Currently studying Medicine as a Soros Fellow at Harvard University

“OSSM prepared me for a petroleum engineering undergraduate program, helped me start my first semester of college as a sophomore and helped me have a higher GPA after that first semester.  The recognition OSSM has within the oil & gas industry set me up for internship offers over my classmates as freshman and continued to factor into decisions for sophomore and junior internships.  I’m proud to say I am one of only a handful of students at the University of Tulsa to start my senior year with a full-time job offer, even as the oil and gas industry is in the valley of a cycle!  I do not think I could be in the position I am in now without my early exposure and connections to the oil & gas industry made possible through the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics.”

B.S. Petroleum Engineering, University of Tulsa, 2016

Tyler Carter, OSSM Class of 2012 (Tulsa, Charles Page H.S.), Production Engineer, Devon Energy

“OSSM showed me what was possible.  I was taught at home and at my home high school of Dover that anything was possible, but I didn’t fully understand what ‘anything’ entailed until I attended OSSM.  Now I have the unique privilege of working at the bottom of the Earth.”

B.S. in Physics-Space Science (Chemistry & Math Minors), Northwestern State University of Louisiana, 1999

M.S. in Physics (Chemical Engineering Minor), University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2001

Shelly Finley ‘93 (Dover H.S.), Science and Technical Project Services Supervisor – South Pole, Antarctic; Support Contract-Lockheed Martin

“OSSM is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a wonderful place packed with passionate students, professors, and an atmosphere ripe with intellectual vigor.”

Currently studying Chemical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sooraj Boominathan ‘15 (Edmond, Deer Creek H.S.), Silver Medalist, International Chemistry Olympiad, 2015

“OSSM gave me the confidence and enrichment necessary to compete with the best and brightest as I pursued my professional goals. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to attend. ”

B.S. Biochemistry, Spelman College, 2004

M.D., Morehouse School of Medicine, 2008

Jihan Ahmad Abdul-Haqq, M.D. ‘00 (OKC, Carl Albert H.S.), Physician, Variety Care, OKC

“Although I had challenging opportunities before OSSM, it was at OSSM that I found my first community of people who thrived and celebrated the challenges.  From studying together each weeknight to celebrating college admissions, it was the first time for most of us to be around others who also delighted in developing our minds, both students and teachers.” 

B.S. Mathematics, Harvard University, 1999

Ph.D. Statistics, University of California-Berkeley, 2009

Dave Purdy ’95 (OKC, Northeast H.S.), Research Data Scientist, Uber