Foreign Language

Every student must complete two years of the same foreign language in order to graduate. Prior credits may be transferred from the students home high school, but most students decide to continue their studies.  The languages currently being offered are French, Spanish, Latin, German, Japanese, and Chinese.

Bottom L – R: Geraldine Cummings, French II, III, IV; Wenchong Wu, Chinese I – IV; Graziela Franchina, French I & II; Kaoru Burkhalter, Japanese I, II, III; Hailey McGuire, Latin I – IV; Johnny Guzman, Spanish II, IV, V; Back L-R: Luis Garcia, Spanish I & II; Jonathan Morales, Language Associates of OKC; Ulrich Prenzlow, German I – IV.

Not pictured: Johnny Guzman and Luis Garcia, Spanish.