Administration, Staff and Faculty


Dr. Frank Y. H. Wang, Ph.D., President
Dr. A. Brent Richards, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Services
Amanda Bonnett, M.S., Academic Counselor
Pam Felactu, M.A., Director of Development
Shannon Gorbet, C.P.A., Chief Financial Officer
Sharon Jorski, M.L.Sc., Librarian
Bill Kuehl, M.B.A., Dean of Admissions and Registrar
Cynthia Parish, M.Ed., College Counselor
Linda Waters, B.A., Director of Public Information


Sena Brothers, Reception
Amber Tatro, M.S., Admissions Assistant
Elizabeth Jacoby, Administrative Assistant             
Greg Madden, Maintenance
Keith Forshee, Maintenance

OSSM Faculty – Main Campus

Dr. Kurt Bachmann, Ph.D., Columbia University (Appointed 2000)
Professor Monique Baxter, M.A., University of Texas-Pan American (Appointed 2002)
Professor Sara Marie Bodenstein, M.Div., Duke University (Appointed 2010)
Dr. Manisha Chakraburtty, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma (Appointed 2017)
Dr. Kelly Chaves, Ph.D., University of New Brunswick (Appointed 2013)
Dr. Brian Chance, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania (Appointed 2014)
Dr. Clint Givens, Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles (Appointed 2016)
Dr. Delwar Hossain, Ph.D., Chemistry, Mississippi State University (Appointed 2018)
Professor Sean Jones, M.S., Computer Science, University of Oklahoma (Appointed 2015)
Dr. Shayne Johnston, Ph.D., Princeton University (Appointed 2001)
Professor Sharon Jorski, M.L.Sc., University of Oklahoma (Appointed 2005)
Dr. David Kighuradze, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University (Appointed 2009)
Dr. Mark Y. Li, Ph.D., Iowa State University (Appointed 1994)
Dr. Ruibo Li, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma (Appointed 2009)
Dr. Michelle McCargish, Ph.D., M.A., Oklahoma State University (Appointed 2016)
Dr. A.K. Fazlur Rahman, Ph.D., Australian National University (Appointed 1991)
Dr. Brent Richards, Ph.D., Georgetown University (Appointed 2008)
Dr. Amy Roberson, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (Appointed 2011)
Dr. Jayanta K. Rudra, Ph.D., Lehigh University (Appointed 2002)
Dr. William Underwood, Ph.D., University of Tulsa (Appointed 2007)
Professor Dan Vossen, B.A., Central State University (Appointed 2006)
Dr. Frank Y. H. Wang, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Appointed 2012)
Professor Scott Wilkins, M.A., State University of New York, Brockport (Appointed 2015)

OSSM Faculty – Regional Centers


Professor Robert Miller, M.S. (Appointed 1998)


Professor Wes Reddish, M.S. (Appointed 2009)


Professor Bailey Brown, B.S. (Appointed 2018)

Professor MeiFoon Estep, M.S. (Appointed 2014)


Dr. Ellen Barton, Ph.D. (Appointed 2006)


Professor Sam Abbott, B.S. (Appointed 2008)


Professor Gil Brown, M.A. (Appointed 2000)

Professor Amanda Butler, M.S. (Appointed 2008)

Virtual Regional Center

Professor Jessica Rowe Decker, B.S. (Appointed 2012)