Anusha F., Class of 2022

I came to OSSM because I wanted to advance and push myself in my studies. Although it's a STEM school, I was very interested in the humanities department. As someone who, in the future, wishes to major in the humanities, I knew OSSM's humanities classes would push me to work harder than ever before and excel in my future. Coming to OSSM also provides me an opportunity to learn and gain a collegiate-level science and math curriculum. It's very important to me to become a well-rounded and knowledgeable person who can understand all aspects of the world and the people in it. OSSM offers me the opportunity to become that person.

Ashley M., Class of 2021

Through the rigorous academics offered, OSSM has allowed me to feel well-prepared for college and beyond. OSSM presents students with many opportunities that would not be available to them at their traditional home high schools. Students of OSSM become a tight-knit community, create relationships that will last a lifetime, and cherish many memorable moments together. Despite the difficulties we have been facing due to COVID-19, OSSM faculty has continued to work toward keeping the same academic standards for students.

Genevieve D., Class of 2022

OSSM has helped me grow in more ways than I could have possibly imagined. The faculty, staff and other students are all supporting you and eager to help you succeed. This school is rigorous, challenging, and sometimes you feel like it is too much, but you always come out stronger in the end. OSSM quickly taught me that success is not always being the best or being flawless, but learning from your mistakes and realizing that you are not alone on your journey. OSSM is just what I needed in my life. While there are plenty of days I feel overwhelmed, no one said that becoming the best version of myself was going to be easy.