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Course Enrollment Policy

Withdrawing from a course

When a student enrolls in a course for any semester, he or she is committing to attending that course for the duration of the semester and completing all exams, labs, and other assignments. However, a student may request to withdraw from a course at any time before the end of the second grading period of the semester. The withdrawal request must be made by the student, it must be approved by the instructor of the course and the vice president for academic services, and it must be filed with the registrar. After the request is approved, the student will no longer be required to attend the course or to complete any remaining exams, labs, or other assignments. The student will not receive any grade for the course and the course will not appear on the student’s transcript. A student may not withdraw from a course if it is required for graduation unless it is possible to retake the course or its equivalent before the end of the student’s senior year.

Auditing a course

After the end of the 2nd grading period but no more than 7 days after the distribution of the 12-week progress reports, a student may request to change to ‘audit’ status for a course they are currently enrolled in. The request to audit must be made by the student, it must be approved by the instructor of the course and the vice president for academic services, and it must be filed with the registrar. If the request is approved, the student will be required to attend all classes and labs for the course and to complete exams and other assignments at the discretion of the instructor. At the end of the semester, the course will appear on the student’s transcript with a grade of AUD. A student may not audit a course if it is required for graduation unless it is possible to retake the course or its equivalent before the end of the student’s senior year. At the beginning of the next semester after auditing a course, a student will be placed on advised academic standing.

Retaking a course

If a student fails, audits, or withdraws from a course which is required for graduation, they must reenroll in the course for the next semester in which the course or its equivalent is offered. If the student audited the course, the name of the course and the grade of AUD will be removed from their transcript at the beginning of the semester in which they retake it. If the student failed the course, the name of the course, the failing grade will be removed from their transcript at the end of the semester in which they retake it. If the student does not retake a failed or audited course, the course will remain on their transcript permanently.

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