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Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics

The nationally acclaimed Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics is now accepting international students to study at the school.  Please apply to be considered for the 2016-17 Academic Year. 

Located on a beautiful, 32-acre, secure, gated campus in the heart of Oklahoma City, OSSM is within walking distance of the Oklahoma Health Center, the renowned medical research and teaching institute, and just minutes from Bricktown and Oklahoma Thunder Basketball, as well as numerous museums and cultural attractions.

OSSM is well-known for its rigorous, college-level academic curriculum.  More than 70 percent of the faculty hold a Ph.D. in their fields of study.  In addition to taking advanced courses, OSSM offers ACT, SAT and AP standardized tests, as well as opportunities for mini research mentorships, help sessions, language support if needed and social activities.

International students selected for one year of study at OSSM must have a strong math and science background, as well as be proficient in English, with a TOEFL score of 65 points or higher.  International students will attend OSSM during their junior year (ages 15, 16 and 17) for one year of study.  At the end of the school year (August 2016 to May 2017), international students will receive an official transcript from OSSM. 



Is OSSM a private school?

No, the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics is a two-year public residential high school created and funded by the Oklahoma legislature.  The school is open to all students across the state who wish to apply during their sophomore year.  OSSM is categorized as a state agency.  See the Admissions webpage for details and application deadlines. 

What is the tuition to attend OSSM?

There is no tuition for an Oklahoma resident student to attend the school.  Room and board are provided by the state.  Students may wish to have "pocket money" available for incidentals like school supplies, snack bar items or a weekend trip to a local restaurant, movie theatre, bookstore or mall.

Who can attend OSSM?

OSSM is open to all Oklahoma students who are entering their junior year of high school.  Applications are due in March of the sophomore year.  OSSM now accepts nonresident and international students for paying tuition.

What high school is the only one in Oklahoma that teaches Geoscience courses?


How have OSSM graduates helped Oklahoma's economy?

Of the 1,400+ OSSM graduates since 1992, more than half who have completed a degree and have entered the workforce are working in Oklahoma. Ten of those have started their own businesses in our state. An independent report credits OSSM with a $40 million economic impact in Oklahoma.