Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics

Shadow a Current Student and Learn Firsthand What OSSM is Like

Sophomore students are encouraged to "shadow" an OSSM junior prior to making application.  Prospective students will spend one entire school day from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in class.  In addition, students will eat lunch with their "shadows" and tour the dormitory.  

Shadows are scheduled Monday through Friday, during the months of September through February. To arrange a shadow, please email your name, address, school and two possible dates to [email protected]  Please send an email at least five days before the first requested date.  The Admissions office will send back an email confirmation that includes instructions and specific details about "shadowing" at OSSM.   


Is OSSM a private school?

No, the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics is a two-year public residential high school created and funded by the Oklahoma legislature.  The school is open to all students across the state who wish to apply during their sophomore year.  OSSM is categorized as a state agency.  See the Admissions webpage for details and application deadlines. 

What is the tuition to attend OSSM?

There is no tuition for an Oklahoma resident student to attend the school.  Room and board are provided by the state.  Students may wish to have "pocket money" available for incidentals like school supplies, snack bar items or a weekend trip to a local restaurant, movie theatre, bookstore or mall.

Who can attend OSSM?

OSSM is open to all Oklahoma students who are entering their junior year of high school.  Applications are due in March of the sophomore year.  OSSM now accepts nonresident and international students for paying tuition.

What high school is the only one in Oklahoma that teaches Geoscience courses?


How have OSSM graduates helped Oklahoma's economy?

Of the 1,400+ OSSM graduates since 1992, more than half who have completed a degree and have entered the workforce are working in Oklahoma. Ten of those have started their own businesses in our state. An independent report credits OSSM with a $40 million economic impact in Oklahoma.