Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics

Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics Graduates

The First 1,400

OSSM has graduated approximately 1400 students since 1992.  More than one-half of them are still involved in completing their educational and professional training.  The following data is descriptive of those who have been out of OSSM long enough to complete at least one degree:

  • More than half who have completed a degree and have entered the work force are working in Oklahoma
  • Ten have started their own businesses in Oklahoma
  •  Four are teaching at OSSM
  • Three have found jobs in Oklahoma through the Department of Commerce Project Boomerang
  • 300 are practicing engineers
  • 114 have earned MD degrees
  •  Eleven have earned DO degrees
  • Six have earned PharmD degrees
  • 70 have earned PhD degrees
  • Three have earned DVM degrees
  • Two have earned DDS degrees
  • 34 have earned JD degrees
  • 85% have stayed in a technical field for their chosen profession
  • One Rhodes Scholar
  •  OSSM alumni with PhD’s or MD’s are teaching or have taught at MIT, Stanford, Michigan, USAFA, USAFIT, Johns Hopkins College of Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Wake Forest College of Medicine, Southern Utah University, The Citadel, UC – Berkeley, UC – Merced, Duke University Medical Center, University of Kansas, University of Colorado-Boulder, University of Utah, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, New York University
  • Three are serving in the ministry
  • 75 are serving or have served in the armed forces of the USA
  • More than half stayed in Oklahoma for undergraduate education


Is OSSM a private school?

No, the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics is a two-year public residential high school created and funded by the Oklahoma legislature.  The school is open to all students across the state who wish to apply during their sophomore year.  OSSM is categorized as a state agency.  See the Admissions webpage for details and application deadlines. 

What is the tuition to attend OSSM?

There is no tuition for an Oklahoma resident student to attend the school.  Room and board are provided by the state.  Students may wish to have "pocket money" available for incidentals like school supplies, snack bar items or a weekend trip to a local restaurant, movie theatre, bookstore or mall.

Who can attend OSSM?

OSSM is open to all Oklahoma students who are entering their junior year of high school.  Applications are due in March of the sophomore year.  OSSM now accepts nonresident and international students for paying tuition.

What high school is the only one in Oklahoma that teaches Geoscience courses?


How have OSSM graduates helped Oklahoma's economy?

Of the 1,400+ OSSM graduates since 1992, more than half who have completed a degree and have entered the workforce are working in Oklahoma. Ten of those have started their own businesses in our state. An independent report credits OSSM with a $40 million economic impact in Oklahoma.